Independent Consulting

Engineers Assessors exclusively offers Design and Build construction consulting services, this guarantees us complete independence and ability to work closely with and for our Client. As a contractor, whilst primarily we work on design and build contracts, we welcome and have experience with JCT standard form of contract.

Integrated Management

Our expertise allows us to provide the client with a complete package; from initial brief to completion, we can deliver fully-coordinated and technical design packages, project and on-site construction management, and cost control.

Qualifications/Expertise and Experience

We have extensive experience delivering projects for a vast and diverse range of clients in different countries, gaining valuable expertise to further establish ourselves in the international market.

Planning and cost forcasting

It is exactly this extensive experience that our clients value when we take on a project, where accurate planning, cost forecasting and meeting deadlines is fundamental.

Our Story

Our company was founded in 1968 in the Balearic Island of Mallorca, our mission was to create a team of professionals that would design, manage and build the overall project requirements: hotels, residential buildings, industrial or urban development. We realised there was an opportunity to offer something unique as back in those days there was little freelance engineers available and the majority of them already worked for companies in both the public and private sector.

As the tourism boom happened in the Balearic Islands and in mainland Spain the requests for our services grew immensely with particular focus on project management, design & drafting to on-site management. From civic construction to MEP services installations in all types of buildings, a very high number of which were tourist establishments. As tourism promoters began their journey in the 1980s to the peninsula and the Canary Islands this then allowed us to further develop our offer outside of our province.

From the 1990 our field of work expanded to other countries outside of Spain: to the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico and Jamaica), Africa (Morocco and Zanzibar) and Asia (Maldivas).